Kindergarten Important Dates

9/20 – First Jersey Mike’s Lunch

9/22 – Bigg Chill Day (order here:  Bigg Chill

10/4 – Jersey Mike’s Lunch

10/14-10/16 METAVERSE Fall Festival

10/17 – NO SCHOOL Festival Clean Up

10/18 – Jersey Mike’s Lunch

10/27 – Make Up Picture Day

11/1 – Jersey Mike’s Lunch

11/9 – 11/10 Early Dismissal 12:00 P.M Parent Teacher Conferences

11/11 – No SCHOOL Veterans Day

11/15 – 11/17 Early Dismissal 12:00 P.M. Parent/Teacher Conferences

11/21 Kindergarten Thanksgiving Lunch (more details to follow)

11/23 – 11/27 NO SCHOOL Happy Thanksgiving!

12/3 – Night of Lights (more details to follow)

12/9 – Sandwich Builders (more details and signup to follow)

12/16 – Merry Christmas!  Christmas Vacation Starts!

1/3 – School Starts

1/25 – School Mass (Full Uniform Required for Kindergarten)

2/24 – NO SCHOOL – Teacher Training

3/3 – NO SCHOOL – Mammoth Ski (not school sponsored)

3/6 – Kindergarten Prayer Service Dinner 6:30 PM

3/7 – Kindergarten Field Trip

3/16 – Spring Sing 1

4/6 – Early Dismissal 12:30 P.M. Holy Thursday

4/7 – 4/16 Easter Vacation

5/19 – NO SCHOOL – Campout (not school sponsored)

5/29 – NO SCHOOL – Memorial Day

6/8 – Kindergarten Graduation

6/9 – School Mass (Full Uniform Required for Kindergarten) & Last Day of School

A Message from our Teachers

Dear Kindergarten Family,

Our teachers would appreciate if you could complete the following list.  Thank you!

1. The parent questionnaire. This will help us get to know the students and prepare contact lists, birthday lists, allergy lists, etc. Please share the following link with parents:
2. We kindly ask for an individual photo of each student to help us recognize students on the first day! We would love to have these as soon as possible so we can start learning everyone’s names and faces! Please email photos to both teachers and include the child’s name and homeroom in the subject of the email.
3. Just a heads up, in the first week of school we will ask every student to provide a copy of a family photo that students will present to the class as a get to know you activity. We will then hang the photos in our prayer corner to keep our families with us all year long! Please do not send a framed photo; we won’t be able to hang all of them. A paper copy will be perfect! 🙂