You Heard It FIRST

Dear Parents,
For Valentine’s Day this year, each child will bring a valentine for every classmate in his/her homeroom. (They may also bring one for all the classmates in the other homeroom as well if they would like). *Room Parents will send the class roster of students to parents.
If the valentine has anything edible attached to it, it must be store bought (not homemade). We encourage you to consider sending erasers, stickers, pencils, etc. instead of edible treats.
Each student will be decorating his/her own Valentine’s Day bag at school. This bag will be used to collect the Valentine’s Day items, and the teachers will seal the bags before dismissal. The students may not eat anything until they are home and have permission from their parents.
We look forward to celebrating with your children. We will spend the day doing fun Valentine’s Day crafts and activities! Yay!
💝 First Grade Team

AND DON’T FORGET—- FREE DRESS on Valentine’s Day if at least one item of clothing is red, pink or white. (And yes, socks are considered as one item of clothing.)




  • Return signed report card envelopes please!
  • Place your Scholastic book orders prior to Jan. 28th.



jump, lamp, went, fast, must, vent, test, limp, plant, tent. CHALLENGE WORD: Phonics



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February 21st          President’s Day
March 11th               Ski Weekend
March 18th               Religious Education Congress
April 15th – April 22ndEaster Vacation
May 20th                  Campout Weekend
May 30th                  Memorial Day