Class Liturgies

We worship as a community!

Throughout the year there are many and varied opportunities for our students to participate in liturgy at Saint Paul the Apostle. Whether acting as greeters, lectors, cantors, altar servers, musicians, or gift bearers, our students are always encouraged to  share their gifts with the community.

School Liturgies

Once a month, the whole school celebrates Mass together during the school day. Each grade is assigned a Mass and students lead us in songs, readings, and prayers. Parents are welcome to attend these morning Masses.

Sunday Family Liturgy

Each grade is also assigned to lead a Sunday liturgy. Grades K-8 will each lead a 9:30 A.M. celebration. Students attend these Masses with their families and the wider parish community.

Grade Liturgy and Dinner

Each grade will celebrate a prayer service together on a weekday evening. This time-honored tradition includes a class prayer service attended by the students with their parents. It is followed by a dinner in the John Carroll Parish Center.