Saint Paul’s is dedicated to the education of whole child and that includes physical education.  

In PE classes, our priority is for the students to have fun in a positive atmosphere with an emphasis on good sportsmanship and overall healthy physical development. Participation and effort are all we expect. Each child is encouraged to improve upon his/her own personal skill set and be a supportive team member.

All of our PE activities are designed to improve the student’s agility, confidence and team work using innovative games and equipment that encourage critical thinking, fair play, and fun.


After-School Sports

Our after-school sports program is open to all 4th to 8th graders.

We field teams in:

Depending on interest, we have also offered soccer and lacrosse. All 4th to 6th grade sports  are considered an “Instructional League” and all students that register will participate; there are no tryouts. 7th and 8th grade sports are considered “Varsity” and students must tryout for the team.

We participate in the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) and Pacific Basin League (PBL) depending on the sport.

Traditionally, Saint Paul’s sports teams are highly competitive and well-known for their teamwork and sportsmanship. Go Saints!