Welcome to 7th Grade!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We are here to support you.


Noot and Alma


  • Uniforms – check handbook for requirements. Students may wear festival clothing every day until the weekend of the festival. Thereafter, festival t-shirts may be worn on Fridays only, and festival sweatshirts may be worn at any time.  Please note that festival attire from any previous years may no longer be worn to school.
  • Updated Virtus training, fingerprinting and TB testing are required for volunteering on campus and field trips, but are not required for mandatory traffic duty and festival duty.
  • A family badge is required for entry on campus at https://school.sp-apostle.org/school-info/family-badge-submission-form.
  • Check Schoology for assignments and grades, set reminders (if desired).

Important Dates

  • Sept. 26 – Sign ups open for Festival Duty
  • October– Mandatory Traffic Duty for 7th Grade
  • Oct. 7 – Catalina field trip forms due to 7th Grade Teachers
  • Oct. 14-16 -Fall Festival
  • Nov. 2-4 -7th Grade Catalina Field Trip
  •  7th Grade Sandwich Builders will be moved to a later date.
  • Nov. 7 – 7th Grade Liturgy Dinner