Valentine’s Day


Dear 4th grade Families,

We are SO excited for Valentine’s Day on Monday, February 14th!   The 4th graders are welcome to participate in 2 activities at school on
Valentine’s Day……(Students may participate in both activities, one, or none at all)

Activity #1: Valentine’s Day ~ BOX EXCHANGE
• Students may decorate a box however they’d like (a shoe box is a
good size) and put their name on the inside of the box so it is hidden.
• The box should include one savory snack (pretzels, chips, etc.)
o NO candy or sweet items are included in the box.
o The savory food item MUST BE STORE BOUGHT &

• When students bring the box to school on Valentine’s Day, it should
be inside of a bag so nobody can see it.
• During Recess, the teachers will take the boxes out of the bags and
spread them around the classrooms. The students will then pick a
box randomly and enjoy their snack. Students will use the decorated
box to hold the Valentine’s Day cards/candies from their classmates

Activity #2: Valentine’s Day ~ CARDS
• If a student chooses to bring cards, he/she MUST have one for each
student in his/her homeroom (31 for 4A, 31 for 4B).
o Please DO NOT address the cards to individual students (Helps
with a faster distribution)

• If a student would like to add candies to their Valentine’s cards, that’s
fine, but again all food items MUST be individually wrapped.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you,
Ms. Mizo & Ms. Fisher