Welcome Back!

We are delighted to be your 7th grade room parents this year, and to welcome our 7th grade students and families back to school! All of us are hoping for a “return to normal” this year, where many of our beloved community traditions can once again take place.  That includes:

  • Back-to-school coffee in the JCPC after drop-off on the first day of school (8/24), and 
  • Back-to-school night in the church at 6:30pm on September 13th.  

It also means the return of festival booth duty (9/24-26) and traffic duty (October)!  Sign ups will be circulated in the coming weeks.  As a reminder, volunteers need a Virtus certificate, TB test results, and fingerprints on file. (LINK ) The administration will be providing additional information regarding Covid vaccination status for school volunteers. 

Ms. Garibaldi and Mr. Santos are asking that 7th graders have a signed note from their parents/guardians allowing them to sign themselves out at the end of the day for the 2021-2022 school year. Please send your child with the signed note on the first day of school.

Refer to Mrs. Pinkofsky’s and Mayora Hiney’s emails for all the details regarding daily drop-off and pick-up procedures. Morning drop-off will be via the traffic circle in the yard, from 7:15-8:00am. Although there are no assigned timeslots, younger students should arrive closer to 8:00am.  You must complete the wellness check via the Schoolpass app prior to drop-off.  Afternoon pick-up will largely return to pre-Covid procedure. *7th graders MAY sign out both themselves and younger siblings, but you MUST provide written permission via a note to your child’s homeroom teacher.* (Written permission should also be provided to the younger sibling’s teacher.)  7th graders with permission to sign out should be designated as a “driver” on the Schoolpass app.  

On a typical school day, classes will end at 2:45pm and students can be picked up on foot from their classrooms at that time.  7th graders with permission to sign out will be allowed to leave campus at 3:05pm to meet you at a location you have agreed upon with them, or they can first pick up younger siblings at the lunch tables in the yard, and then proceed to that location. On the first day of school, students will be dismissed at 12:30pm.   

Please remember to complete and submit the Health Agreement Form for 2021-22 to Mitchell Lord (mlord@sp-apostle.org) before the first day of school. Per Mrs. Pinkofsky’s August 17th email, all students will be tested for Covid-19 each week. Please print and complete the required Covid testing paperwork and deliver it to your child’s homeroom teacher on the first day of school. Remember that health insurance information or certification of uninsured status is also required.

Reach out to either of us with any questions, and we’ll do our best to answer.  While we are all hoping and planning for a normal school year, there are still many unknowns and circumstances may change.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.  

Jessica Gunderson (Harley) & Allison Woods (Joseph)