Welcome Back

-lunchbox (lunch with 2 snacks with easy to open items), Fresh Lunches will be back in October
-water bottle
-Extra set of clothes for accidents and an extra mask
– no blankets or snuggies for rest time
All items should be clearly labeled with the student’s name
For the classroom we will need:
Disinfecting wipes
tissue boxes
gallon size ziplock bags
2 cases of water bottles
Drop-off & Pick up Directions 
-7:30 carline starts and children will be taken to their classroom (anything before 7:30 drop-off children will wait in the gym with admin/ Last drop off should be at 8:00.  Have the DK student on the passenger side of the car if possible. Please plan to help child out of car seat if they cannot do that on own.
-All students should be in the classroom by 8:05 a.m. If arriving after please enter through the front office.
Pick up begins at 2:45 – 3:30 students that have not been picked up from the classroom at 3:30 will be taken to aftercare. If running behind or picking up later than usual please email Ms. Aguiluz or Mrs. Bitto.
Weekly Activity Schedule
Monday: Yoga & Library
Tuesday: Music
Wednesday: PE
Thursday: Spanish