Welcome and Important Dates

This grade page will be updated with information regarding the class and school, so visit often!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

We are here to support you.


Addy, Katrina, Virginia, and Yvette


  • For every $10 donated to Sandwich Builders, the students will get 1 service hour (for up to TWO hours). Please submit your cash and a note with your child(ren)’s name to Sue B.J. by this Friday to earn your service hours. Thank you!
  • The Kwan Family is hosting a Crespi Information Night at their home this Wednesday, September 26, 2022, from 6-7:30 p.m.  Please use the QR Code on the flyer on our grade page under High School Information to RSVP.
  • RSVP for the SPA-Only Shadow Day at NDHS to be held on Monday, October 17, 2022. Please use the QR Code on the flyer on our grade page under High School Information to RSVP.


The festival committee would like to play a slideshow of our 8th graders during the festival. Please open the google album and add one picture of our child(ren) to the Google folder. Please save the photo as a JPEG.


We will work them into a slideshow for the festival entertainment crew. If anyone is inspired to help with this project, please email us.

Please submit photos no later than October 2, 2022.


FESTIVAL SHIFT SIGN-UPS: The Sign-Up Genius link is live: https://www.signupgenius.com/tabs/83c73d906a2cee5c35-metaverse

YEARBOOK ADS AND COLLAGE: Yearbook “Ads” are due by Friday, November 18, 2022.

  • The purchase and creation of optional YEARBOOK ADS FOR 8TH GRADE are done through the Herff Jones website (our yearbook publisher) where you can set up your account, choose an ad size, pay for the ad, and create the ad using a template. The HJ website link and instructions are attached in our download section of our page. The deadline to create these ads is November 18, 2022. It is recommended that you do not wait until the last day to create your yearbook ad. Please review ads closely for any mistakes or errors before submission.
  • For the 8th-grade collages in the yearbook, please email past and current photos of 8th graders to yearbook@sp-apostle.org with the subject title “8th Grade Collage Pictures”. Photos do not have to be school related.
  • Please be aware that low-quality or repeat pictures might not end up being used.  Should you have any questions, please contact Mr. Ho at mho@sp-apostle.org.

EIGHT-GRADE SWEATSHIRTS: Virginia will be coordinating our eight-grade sweatshirt orders in the coming weeks.  These are unique sweatshirts for the graduating class.

PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES: Parent Teacher conferences will be held on Nov. 9-10 and Nov. 15-17.  There will be early dismissal these days.

SANDWICH BUILDERS (3rd and 8th Grades) – September 30: Our assigned Sandwich Builders is coming up on Friday, September 30th. Please sign up at the link below (full details are on the sign-up page):



This year, we are providing high school admission links for the high schools presenting at high school night.  Please check the schools’ sites for important dates and key information.  There are numerous high schools to choose from.  We have only listed those schools that the school administration advised us to list:

  1. Chaminade College Preparatory: https://www.chaminade.org/admissions/apply
  2. Crespi Carmelite School: https://www.crespi.org/admissions/your-journey-starts-here
  3. Immaculate Heart: https://www.immaculateheart.org/high-school-admissions/admissions-process
  4. Louisville: https://www.louisvillehs.org/admissions/how-to-apply
  5. Loyola High School: https://www.loyolahs.edu/admissions/
  6. Marymount: https://www.mhs-la.org/admission/applying-to-marymount
  7. Notre Dame Academy: https://academy.ndasla.org/admissions/apply-to-nda
  8. Notre Dame High School: https://www.ndhs.org/admissions
  9. Saint Monica Catholic High School: https://www.stmonicachs.org/


  • Check uniforms – check the handbook for requirements. Students may wear festival clothing every day until the weekend of the festival. After that, festival t-shirts may be worn on Fridays only, and festival sweatshirts may be worn at any time.  Please note that festival attire from any previous years may no longer be worn to school.
  • Updated Virtus training, fingerprinting and TB testing are required for volunteering on campus and field trips, but are not required for mandatory traffic duty and festival duty.
  • Turn in the form for family badges, required for entry on campus at https://school.sp-apostle.org/school-info/family-badge-submission-form.
  • Check Schoology for assignments and grades, and set reminders (if desired).
  • Student self-sign out (if desired). Send a note to the teacher (no form this year).

Important Dates

  • September 30 – Sandwich Builders in the JCPC
  • Oct. 14-16 -Fall Festival
  • Oct. 19 – 8th Grade Meeting in JCPC after Drop Off
  • Nov. 9-10 and 15-17 – Parent Teacher Conferences – Early Dismissal