Volunteering at School

In order to volunteer for playground duty, hot lunch, coaching and field trip supervision, all parent volunteers need to have : (1) been fingerprinted through the Archdiocese, (2) current VIRTUS certificates, and (3) TB test results on file with the school.

VIRTUS Training
The archdiocese has been offering these sessions online.  For more information, please also visit the Virtus website or contact Mary Ann Bertolucci directly.
  • If you have never participated in a VIRTUS training session or your certificate expired, please sign up for one of the Protecting God’s Children sessions.
  • If you took a Protecting God’s Children session between January 2017 and January 2018, please sign up for one of the Keeping the Promise Alive sessions. Typically you need to re-certify every four years; however, the Archdiocese has extended that period to five years temporarily.
  • After you have completed the course, please make sure to keep a copy of your training certificate and also send an electronic copy to the school office via Mitchell Lord and one to Mary Ann Bertolucci in the parish office.
TB Tests
TB tests are available at the CVS Minute Clinic near the school. Please schedule an appointment here.