Hot Lunch Duty:

Please find the sign-up sheet for February Hot Lunch Duty:

Hot Lunch Duty Signup (February)

Hot Lunch Duty Signup (March)

Please note these important guidelines for volunteering:

  • Proof of Covid vaccination or negative Covid test, Virtus certification, TB test and fingerprinting must be on file with the school front office and Nurse A. PLEASE EMAIL NURSE ANDERSON YOUR VACCINE CARD OR NEGATIVE COVID TEST AT nursesoffice@sp-apostle.org
  • Check in at the front office and report to the lunch service tables near the gym.
  • For DK – 4th Grade, arrive by 11:15 AM and stay until 12:10 PM.
  • For 5th Grade – 8th Grade, arrive by 12:40 PM and stay until 1:35 PM.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Liz Lee at lizkwon@gmail.com.

  • A reminder for families to please submit their Patient Consent Form for COVID testing at the beginning of the week so that the teachers have them all for Wednesday. Make sure they are turned in with a signature and that the email provided is legible, otherwise this will delay receiving results. All families are encouraged to type in the information on the top section and just sign and date the bottom each week. This will ensure that everything is legible and will make the process quicker for you each week.
  • If a student is absent the day of COVID testing, they will not be able to return to campus until they are tested outside of school AND receive a “NEGATIVE” result.
  • Please remember to check Schoology.  If you are having difficulty accessing Schoology feel free to contact Mr. Lopez (elopez@sp-apostle.org) so that he can support you in getting that access.
Pick-up procedure for planned pick-ups during school hours:

If you are picking up your student during the school day for appointments or other reasons, please follow this procedure.

  • Email your homeroom teacher and Nurse A ahead of time. For upper grades, you may also email your teacher for the class(es) your student is missing if you know the schedule.
  • Remind your student to go to Nurse A’s office before the time of pickup.
  • About 10 minutes before arriving, call Mitchell at the front office so he can inform Nurse A.
  • When you arrive at school, please drive up to the playground gate.
  • Let the guard know you are picking up your student from Nurse A and give your student’s name.
  • Wait for your student near the playground gate.