Update on Hot Lunch and Playground Volunteering

Thank you to everyone for diligently filling up the hot lunch and playground volunteer slots this school year. Please read below for a few updates.

Hot Lunch

Since both FreshLunches and Jersey Mike’s are serving pre-packaged lunches, the servers do not need as much assistance as they have in the past. However, we still need 1 parent volunteer for each lunch period to help resolve issues so that the servers are able to pass out lunches as quickly as possible. Please see below for some ideas on how you can help as a hot lunch volunteer:
  • On pizza days, hot pizza is being boxed up for each student right before they arrive so a parent volunteer is absolutely necessary on these days. If you are signed up for a Tuesday time slot, please be ready to help serve the pizza.
  • If there are any students who forgot to bring a lunch, please find out about the student’s allergies and help the student obtain one of the extra meals from the servers. Servers often bring extra meals (to be charged later) and many meals are left over from students who are absent. Meals of absent students are donated to the teachers and staff but they can also be given to students who don’t have lunch. For a younger student, please call his or her parent to find out about any allergies before giving a meal.
  • If the server does not need help passing out meals, please monitor the lunch lines and tables for any disruptive behavior and encourage students to clean up after themselves and dispose trash correctly.
  • If the lunch lines and tables seem well supervised, please help the playground volunteers monitor the playground. We can always use extra help on the playground!
  • A reminder, please check in at the front office and report to the lunch service tables next to the gym.
    • For DK – 4th Grade, arrive by 11:10 AM and stay until 12:00 PM.
    • For 5th Grade – 8th Grade, arrive by 12:40 PM and stay until 1:30 PM.

Please note these important guidelines for volunteering:

  • Check in at the front office and report to the playground by 11:20 AM and stay until 12:10 PM.
  • Proactively walk around the playground and help students with any issues.
  • One volunteer should monitor the soccer and kickball area to make sure the younger students are taking turns and following the rules.
  • Report injuries to Nurse A or serious issues to the coaches immediately.
  • Please refrain from using your cell phone or conversing with the other parent volunteers.
Thank you to everyone for your help! If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail Liz Lee at lizkwon@gmail.com.