Uniform Reminders

Teachers have reviewed the Uniform Code in the Student Handbook with the students. They have also given reminders to students who are “out of uniform.” A few reminders:

  • Hair styles need to be out of students’ eyes. The length of hair should be collar length for boys.
  • Skirt lengths should be just above the knee and not mid-thigh length.
  • Tennis shoes may be worn to school, mainly black or white with a bit of color. Students may not wear canvas shoes nor slip-on shoes of any kind.
  • Socks should be ankle length (not the ones that disappear into the shoe).
  • Jewelry includes only a watch, one tasteful ring, or one necklace with a cross or medal of our Catholic faith. No dangling earrings.
  • No nail polish or acrylics.

School Uniform Notices

Beginning Monday, teachers will issue SCHOOL UNIFORM NOTICES to those students who are not complying with the Uniform Code. Please note that any combination of eight Tardies and Uniform Notices will result in a Detention Notice.

Detention is served with Ms. Bjelajac from 3:05 – 4:00 pm. Parents will receive a copy of the Detention Notice. Please contact Ms. BJ if you have any questions.