Traffic & Safety

Crossing Guard Update

St. Paul’s is on the priority list for a crossing guard, but the city is still short-staffed. Please pay extra attention to pedestrians when driving around the school during pick-up and drop-off hours.

Safety Reminders for Drop-off and Pick-up

  • Please have your children exit on the passenger side.
  • No backpacks in the trunk, so kids and volunteers do not go in between vehicles.
  • While dropping off your kids in the carline, please do not make phone calls or text in the car.
  • Please pull up to the front of the line before dropping off your kids. Don’t let your kids jump out prior even if you’re late! This is a safety issue and a respect issue for folks that you might be holding up behind you.
  • Please don’t pull out of line before the car in front of you does so – Cars have been hit in the process by oncoming cars who are not in the traffic line.
  • Please do not drop off in the red zone across the street from the church.
  • Please keep dogs in the cargo area.  Please do not keep them in the same area where the kids are jumping out.
  • Please no parking in red.
  • Please drive slowly in our neighborhood and be respectful of our neighbors.