Teacher’s Corner


Hi 2nd Grade Families!

A message from your 2nd grade teachers:

We wanted to send you the list of items families will need for their Optional activities so that you have more time to get the materials. Next week we will be doing Shadow Art in STEAM so families will need the following materials:

Shadow Art:

Necessary Materials:

-Sidewalk chalk (different colors!)

Optional Materials:

-A poster or butcher paper



Additionally, Mr. Sanchez is planning to start our first experiment/exploration/investigation which will involve growing plants. We wanted to give all the families a heads up and a list of materials they’ll need for that as well:

Plant Growing Activity:

-Lima Beans (at least 3)

-3 small plastic cups (should hold 5 oz minimum)

-Measuring cup that measures in mL(milliliters)




-Masking tape

Finally, we will be making some minor changes to the learning schedules to allow for longer Spanish lessons. So if you could please check the schedule for next week on PSL, we’d appreciate it! We’ll have the new schedule finalized by the end of the week 🙂

Thank you,
Mrs. Amos, Ms.Portman and Mr. Sanchez