Below is a link to instructions on how students should log into SeeSaw for the first time. They need to log in to Classlink first which will log them into Seesaw (via Classlink), and thereafter they can access Seesaw directly from the app. For anyone who is not familiar, Classlink is an app that stores all the different apps that are needed for a class so only one login is needed.  There are tons of apps in the kinder class link app, but many are not being used.  The only one needed for the saint project is Seesaw.

Seesaw Login Instructions

Also, see below for a video of Mrs. Slapnicka describing how to log in to Seesaw. If you still have trouble login in to Seesaw or Classlink, please contact the Helpdesk at .  For questions about the project, please contact Mrs. Splanicka and Mrs. Bravo.