Night of Lights 2A, 2B, and 2C Ornament Instructions

Dear 2nd Grade Families,
All students are requested to participate in creating a themed ornament for their class trees to be displayed at the Night of Lights event on December 12th.
Every family has received (or will receive) a package in the mail from the Parish with a small flat wooden ornament for each student. In Art, each class decided upon a theme for their class tree with our art teacher, Mrs. Lewandowski.
2A: PEACE – Snowflakes/winter wonderland sparkle silver
2B: JOY – Candy! (Favorite candies, candy canes, etc.)
2C: HOPE – Book tree! (characters or objects, symbols from your favorite books- Madeline, Curious George, Olivia, etc.) (Ideas: draw or make a book; write a story on your ornament; paste part of a story on your ornament and decorate.) 
Each student should create an ornament to tie in with their class theme. They can use the wooden ornament or create their own. There is one tree for 2A, one tree for 2B, and one tree for 2C. Each of the beautifully decorated trees will then be auctioned off at the Night of Lights event!
What to do:
  • Student create a themed ornament.
  • Label the back of the ornament with your child’s name and homeroom class.
  • Turn in your ornament to the Parish Office by Friday, December 4th. The Parish Office is located under the JCPC (entrance door is located on Selby Avenue). The office is open from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm daily.
VOLUNTEERS: If any parents would like to help decorate our class trees with the ornaments and other decorations during the week of December 7th at the school/church, please let us know! We would appreciate volunteers.
Thank you for supporting the Night of Lights event!
Your 2nd Grade Room Parents,
Chelsea Wallace + Vanessa Stern