Catalina Photos and Updates!

We will update this post with photos and updates from the teachers and chaperones on Catalina as we receive them! We hear that reception on the island is quite spotty, so it’s been challenging to transmit photos.


11/03/21, 4:20pm: The students have arrived on campus! They are waiting there for Covid testing.

11/03/21, 3:05pm: Buses are loaded and ready to depart from Long Beach.  As explained in Ms. BJ’s email earlier today, the students will be tested by PMH on campus at 5pm.

11/03/21, 2:40pm: The boat has just docked in Long Beach.

11/03/21, 1:30pm: We have learned that the 7th graders have boarded the boat in Catalina.

11/03/21, 10am: Last night, the students did more squid dissection.  This morning, they explored tidepools.  If we receive word about their expected time of arrival on campus this afternoon, we will post that here and draft an email to be sent out.  (FYI our  Constant Contact emails can be delayed because they need to be approved and circulated by others; we aren’t able to circulate emails independently.)

11/02/21, 9am:

Everyone is great.  Everyone got a good night’s sleep.  All passed the temperature checks and had a great breakfast.  Last night, the students dissected squid.  Yesterday, they played basketball and went snorkeling. Today, they are going hiking, doing a ropes course, and other fun activities!