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Saint Paul the Apostle School

Why St. Paul the Apostle

Our families choose St. Paul’s for more than just what we offer in our classrooms. 
Faith formation and academics are forefront to our mission and our students receive a rigorous and well-rounded education that includes religion, art, music, athletics, technology, and a host of co-curricular offerings. Our graduates report they are well prepared for success at the finest Catholic, private, and public high schools in the city. However, that’s just part of what we do.
At St. Paul’s, our students develop something even more important - the values, character, and spirituality they will carry for the rest of their lives. Every day, our students are encouraged to think about others, to give thanks, to lead by example, to volunteer their time and talents, and to help those in need.
During your time here (which for some is generations), St. Paul’s is an extension of your home. We are educators and parents working together in a vibrant and loving community to help our children become future leaders and their best selves in whatever they choose to pursue.