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Saint Paul the Apostle School

Parent Involvement

St. Paul’s is well-known for our sense of community, our giving spirit, and our involved parents. Here’s where you’ll find our parents making a difference every day:


Parents Working for Children (PWC)

The PWC  is the heart of support for St. Paul the Apostle School. PWC members organize events and programs big and small throughout the school year. From coordinating and executing our annual Fall Festival, to assisting with daily hands-on tasks at school, PWC members bring together and enrich our entire community.


Sister Stella Foundation for St. Paul the Apostle

The Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides leadership and funding for projects, programs, equipment, materials, and services which will have a direct impact on the academic and personal development of the students. Technology, arts and cultural enrichment, STEAM, recreation, sports, and field trips are only some examples of the “gifts” the Foundation and its donors have provided to our students.


School Board

St. Paul’s School Board meets monthly during the academic year to assist, advise, and provide leadership to the Pastor and Principal in the formation of policies pertaining to the administration and operation of St. Paul the Apostle School.  The Board supports the leadership of St. Paul the Apostle school in creating policies that develop the spiritual, social, emotional, physical, esthetic, economic, and civic potential of its student body.


Fall Festival

Our Fall Festival is an amazing, once-a-year fundraiser that brings our entire community together for three days each October. The PWC organizes this themed extravaganza that brings to campus rides, games, performances, food and drinks. Past and present members of the school, church, and the neighborhood community come to celebrate together. By manning their “shifts”, sponsoring booths/rides, and contributing to auctions and “Apostle’s Attic”, school parents ARE the energy that makes the festival so successful. Proceeds from the festival go directly to the school’s operating budget.


Other Parent Roles

Our parents volunteer at school in countless other ways. Below are just some of the roles our parents fill throughout the year.

  • Room parents
  • Traffic and safety supervisors
  • Hot lunch helpers
  • Art docents
  • Playground supervisors
  • Media Center/Library assistants
  • Classroom helpers
  • Chaperones for field trips
  • Hospitality at special event
  • Eucharistic Ministers at grade masses
  • After-school sports coaches (Grades 4 to 7)


It’s not all work though. Parents working together for the good of our school is the foundation of our community, but our parents get to have fun too! There’s a tennis club, a running club, a golfing club, a father’s club, Sunday night basketball in the gym, long weekends blocked off for family camping or ski trips, and a joyous amount of social gatherings.


St. Paul’s is a place where life-long friendships begin, alumni return with their children, and multiple generations of families frequently celebrate together.