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Saint Paul the Apostle School

Grades 1-5

Our students in grades 1-5 engage in a dynamic, diverse, and challenging curriculum to nurture a love of learning, foster friendships, and grow in their faith. Departmentalized curriculum in grades 1-5 is based on National Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards which is integrated with Catholic values and our School Learning Expectations.


Curriculum Highlights


  • Religion – The school day begins and ends with prayer. We are blessed to have several of the parish priests and deacon serving as our chaplains supporting the students on their spiritual journey.  Chaplains also preside over school and evening liturgies and prayer services. Religion classes use an ADLA approved text to guide curriculum.  
  • Language Arts and Social Studies - focuses on critical thinking, cultivating reading strategies, and development of writing skills. Teachers utilize the Accelerated Reader program with data from STAR assessments to improve fluency and comprehension by working with students at their academic level.
    • Part-time teacher assistant daily for support
  • Math - utilizes the My Math curriculum from McGraw-Hill which focuses on critical thinking, collaboration, and strategies to develop problem solvers.
    • Part-time teacher assistant daily for in class and small group support
    • Opportunity for “pull out” with resource teachers for remediation and enrichment
  • Science - Guided by the Next Generation Science Standards, students explore, touch, and interact with STEAM phenomena in ways that nurtures curiosity and challenges them to explain the world around them through hands-on investigations. Students are engaged in a STEAM curriculum through the use of the STEMscopes. STEMscopes is an engaging, inquiry based STEM curriculum that involves students in meaningful and interesting learning. This program builds a solid foundation of science knowledge and develops skills for further STEAM learning and future 21st century careers. Coding and robotics are integrated through the grades.
  • Enrichment Classes - including Music, Art, Spanish and Physical Education are scheduled each week.
  • Technology - Technology integration is integral to grades 1-5. Students utilize technology in all disciplines.
    • 1-2nd – 2:1 iPads
    • 3rd –  1:1 iPads
    • 4th – 1:1 Macbooks
    • 5th - 1:1 iPads
    • Macbook laptops available are available in the Media Center
    • Teachers are equipped with laptops and iPads, Epson interactive projectors with Apple TV, and document cameras