Class descriptions, schedules, and cost are available on the Sawyer site.  Classes that say “fully booked” are not yet open for registration. Registration for those begins 9/6 at 7pm

**Choir begins the the week of September 5th with Tuesday OR Thursday practice options. It is open to students in grades 3 through 8 and requires no fees. More information and sign ups can be found HERE

Fall 2023 After School Class Schedule

Registration begins 9/6 at 7pm

Note there are NO classes the week of parent-teacher conferences.

MONDAYS: Chess (intermediate & advanced), Grooving’ Kids (K-2nd), Golf (1st & 2nd), Culinary Dude (1st-6th), Yoga (1st-6th), Art (grades 3-6)

TUESDAYS: Chess (beginner & intermediate), Culinary Dude (1st-6th), Robotics (1st-4th), Choir, Debate

WEDNESDAYS: Musical Instruments (K-2nd), Golf (DK & 1), Culinary Dude (1st-6th), Musical Instruments (3rd-8th), HSPT prep, Art (grades 1-2), Maker’s Space (grades 2-4)

THURSDAYS: Spirit Squad (2nd-5th), Robotics (1st-4th), Choir

FRIDAYS: Persian (K-2nd), Sewing (K-5th), Persian (3rd-5th)

Some Reminders 

1. Refund requests will be honored 48 hours prior to the beginning of class. Once sessions begin there will be no refunds.
2. If a student is signed up for a specific class that has a waitlist, that student will be dropped from the class if they miss 2 classes (barring illness or emergency of course).  Please take your time to review student schedules before you sign-up for classes.
3. If a class is full, please add your child’s name to the waitlist.  For very popular classes, priority will given to those on the waitlist from a previous session for the next session.