5th Grade Updates – January 10

Updates from Our Teachers:

-Please provide a well-fitting mask to your student(s) that covers their mouth and nose at all times when inside! Also, have your student keep an extra mask in their backpack at all times in the event that their other mask becomes lost, wet, or dirty.

-Bring your fully-charged Chromebook to school everyday. Recently, students have been arriving with Chromebooks that have no battery and are not prepared for classThis is important!

-A reminder for families to please submit their Patient Consent Form for COVID testing at the beginning of the week so that we have them all for Wednesday. We will collect them on Monday and Tuesday mornings. Make sure they are turned in with a signature and that the email provided is legible, otherwise this will delay receiving results. All families are encouraged to type in the information on the top section and just sign and date the bottom each week. This will ensure that everything is legible and will make the process quicker for you each week.

-If a student is absent the day of COVID testing, they will not be able to return to campus until they are tested outside of school AND receive a “NEGATIVE” result.

-Please remember to check Schoology daily, especially the Homeroom pages. If you are having difficulty accessing Schoology feel free to contact Mr. Lopez (elopez@sp-apostle.org) so that he can support you in getting that access.

With gratitude,

Ms. Drake and Mr. Sánchez


Dear 5th-8th Grade Parents,

Miles to Go is our annual drug education program for students in grades 5-8. Jonathan and Kelly have worked with our school and other local middle and high schools in our area. Here is their website for your information: Miles To Go

The parent session will be given by the presenter at each grade level.

Topic: Miles To Go Parent Meeting 5th & 6th grade Monday 1-10-22
Time: Jan 10, 2022 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 820 2376 3648
Passcode: S8QUdi


We have been hearing that the daily lunch lists for Freshlunches are not always accurate. Please double check your orders each week and let you your child know if he or she can expect to receive a hot lunch that day.

If your child is mistakenly excluded from the lunch list, instruct your child to speak to the server and ask for one of the extra lunches that are available.



If you are picking up your student during the school day for appointments or other reasons, please follow this procedure.

  1. Email your homeroom teacher and Nurse A ahead of time. For upper grades, you may also email your teacher for the class(es) your student is missing if you know the schedule.
  2. Remind your student to go to Nurse A’s office before the time of pickup.
  3. About 10 minutes before arriving, call Mitchell at the front office so he can inform Nurse A.
  4. When you arrive at school, please drive up to the playground gate.
  5. Let the guard know you are picking up your student from Nurse A and give your student’s name.
  6. Wait for your student near the playground gate.


If you forgot to pack a lunch and would like to drop one off for your child during the school day, please review and become familiar with our policy.
Please drop off your forgotten snacks and lunches at a table next to the school front office before 10:00am. Please clearly label all snacks and lunches with your child’s name and homeroom. For grades DK and K, staff will continue to deliver snacks and lunches to the students. For grades 1st through 8th, students will be given the opportunity to look for their missing food at the table. Please tell your child to go look for his or her lunch at the table if it was forgotten that day. 


It’s time to order your 2021-2022 St. Paul the Apostle School yearbook! Don’t miss out! It is a wonderful way to remember the school year! You can just click HERE to order.

  • $45- if ordered between December 18th – January 18th
  • $55- if paid for in June during yearbook distribution, but there is no guarantee there will be any yearbooks left.


As we begin to rearrange closets, cabinets and desk space to make room for our new Christmas gifts, please know that UCLA could possibly accept some of the items you may be wanting to discard. Please note the lists and information below:

THEY ACCEPT: paint and solvents; used motor oil and filters, anti-freeze, and other automotive fluids; cleaning products; pool and garden chemicals; aerosol cans; all medicine; auto batteries; household (alkaline) batteries; fluorescent tubes and bulbs, thermostats, and other mercury-containing lamps.

THEY ALSO ACCEPT: computers, monitors, printers, network equipment, cables, telephones, televisions, microwaves, video games, cell phones, radios, stereos, VCRs, and electronic toys. *Residents are limited to a total of six pieces of electronic waste per visit to a SAFE Center and items will be accepted on Saturdays only.

THEY DO NOT ACCEPT: business waste, ammunition, explosives, radioactive material, biological waste or tires. Bulky Items: furniture, refrigerators, washing machines/dryers, conventional ovens, paper, or computer software

The Center is located at 550 Charles E. Young Dr. West, Los Angeles, 90095. Their hours of operation are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday* from 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Follow the drop-off signs. *** They will accept electronic waste on Saturdays only.

For more Information, please call 1-800-98-TOXIC (1-800-988-6942).


  • Monday, January 10th- In-Person School Resumes
  • Tuesday, January 11th @7:45AM- SPA Business Breakfast in MPR
  • Tuesday, January 11th 7:45AM- 1:45PM- UCLA Blood Drive @JCPC
  • Wednesday, January 12th 3-6PM- Vaccination Clinic @JCPC
  • Monday, January 17th- Martin Luther King Holiday- NO SCHOOL
  • Sunday, January 30th @8AM- Pancake Breakfast by SPA Father’s Club
  • Sunday, January 30th @10:30AM- School Open House
  • Sunday, January 30th-Saturday February 5th- Catholic Schools Week

  • January 17 – Martin Luther King’s Day
  • February 21 – President’s Day
  • March 11 – Ski Weekend
  • March 18 – Religious Education Congress
  • April 15 to 22  Easter Vacation
  • May 20 – Campout Weekend
  • May 30 – Memorial Day

It should be noted that since “Ski Weekend” and “Campout Weekend” are not school-sponsored events, the administration has no control regarding the dates selected or anything that may occur resulting in a last-minute change of date. This has occurred in previous years, and we do apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause our SPA families.