2nd Grade: Back-to-Campus (Hybrid) – Week of February 1st


Back-to-Campus Information

from the 2nd Grade Teachers



Fully charged school ipad (they should bring to and from school daily to have at school and at home)

School Books/ folders, etc…

Students will need to bring some things to/from school in their backpacks due to the hybrid situation requiring them to use supplies both at school and home, including journals, folders, planners, and workbooks. However, we will be making adjustments in order to ease the load students will have to carry. 
Since the math book is heavy and bulky, Mrs. Amos has decided to allow students to rip out only the needed pages so they don’t have to carry the whole book back and forth. 
We will also be posting the religion pages so students can tear out those rather than bring the book. (Parents will likely need to assist in ripping the pages). 
For ELA, we will make a consistent effort to not require the mybook, handwriting book and the journal on the same day. We will be specific about exact materials/folders are needed and page numbers on Powerschool (PSL), so if it’s not listed, students should assume they don’t need the book/item. 


School Supplies…

They will be able to keep basic school supplies at school if they have duplicates at home (markers, scissors, silent reading books, etc). The desks won’t be able to open due to the plexiglass, so students will need to only store essential items at school as they will have to rely on the tops of their desks and seat sacs on the back of the chair. 
In terms of requested supplies, students will only need wipes and tissues for their own personal use. We won’t be using things communally, so no need to donate supplies to the class. (Personal wipes/ tissues can stay at school on the student’s desk or in their seat sack). 


Free Time Materials…

A silent reading book (can be left at school if desired)

Free draw notebook or coloring book (can be left at school if desired)



With Gratitude, 2nd Grade Team