Hot Lunch Volunteers Needed – October and November

We need 2nd grade volunteers to help with Hot Lunch. Our grade is responsible for providing a parent volunteer every day in October and November. Please sign up for 1-2 slots per family. All the details can be found on the Hot Lunch Volunteer Link on the bottom left of this page. Thank you!



After-School Care

Our After-School Care Program is designed to promote our students’ physical, social, and emotional development while also allowing for time to complete homework and decompress after the school day. Our trained staff and enriched environment provide a nurturing space for students to interact with adults, peers, and children of different grade levels.

Students in After-School Care are able to participate in the school’s on-campus extracurricular programs (Musical Theatre, Orchestra, Chess, Peer Tutoring, Robotics, etc.) with staff making sure students safely get to where they need to go.

The program is offered:

  • Monday to Thursday – 3:00 to 6:00 PM
  • Friday – 12:30 to 6:00 PM*

* After-School Care on Fridays is offered free of charge from 12:30 to 3:00 PM.

Program Costs

4-5 days a week – $220/month
3 days a week – $165/month
1-2 days a week – $105/month
Drop-in rate – $10/hour beginning at 3:30pm

Hourly incremental rate change(regular dismissal day for one student):

  • Pick up from 3:30 – 4:30 — $10.00 
  • Pick up from 4:30 – 5:30 — $20.00 
  • Pick up from 5:30 – 6:00 — $25.00

Program Information

Registration Form


September Playground Volunteers Needed

September is playground volunteer month for 4th Grade!
Volunteering on the playground is a great way to see your child in action at school! For students in grades DK through 4th Grade, parent volunteers are needed for extra supervision on the playground during lunch (11:30 AM – 12:20 PM, Monday through Thursday). Please volunteer by signing up through the Sign-Up Genius link below:

For all volunteers, proof of Covid vaccination, Virtus certification, TB test and fingerprinting must be on file with the school front office and Nurse A.

Don’t forget to check the status of your Virtus certificate

Email Mayora Hiney (

Backpacks and Lunch Bags


We hope everyone had a great first day. It seems like the kids are settling in and looking forward to the school year ahead.

We had a quick note from your teachers regarding backpacks and lunch bags.


Backpacks will be kept on the balcony (overlooking the courtyard) while at school.  This leaves more room in the classroom cubbies for snacks, lunches and extra books.

All food, however, will be stored in the classroom cubbies. Food should never be kept in the backpacks at any time.  Squirrels are a real problem. If food is in the backpacks, the squirrels will eat through them to get at it. Please remind your kids to pull out all food before leaving their bags on the balcony.

REMINDERS: First Day of School Instructions

Hello Third Graders and Parents! We wanted to forward the information from Principal Pinkofski’s newsletter regarding the first day of school. There are some exceptions to drop-off times, locations, etc. Keep in mind this only applies to Tuesday, August 24.

Wellness Check

Don’t forget to complete the Wellness Check on SchoolPass before you arrive on campus. Contact Mayora Hiney at if you have any issues logging in.

Drop-Off Locations

Drop-off is from 7:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.There will be two drop-off options for the first day of school.

Park in the neighborhood (not along Selby Avenue) and walk in through the front entrance. Proceed directly to your child’s classroom.  (There will be “relaxed” parking on Tuesday from 7:00 a.m. until 9:30 a.m.)

Pull up in front of the school and drop your student off with one of the SPA staff members on Selby. There will be several people available to help get your students out of the car. The students will walk up the front steps and proceed to their classrooms.

Parents will need to leave campus at 8:00 a.m. so that we can begin the school day. Please leave campus through the playground to avoid adding to the walk-in traffic around the classrooms. The PWC will be hosting a Back-to-School Coffee social in the Parish Center beginning at 7:45 a.m.

COVID Testing

COVID testing of faculty, staff and students will begin Tuesday. Don’t forget to include the COVID-testing consent forms and copies of your insurance card in your student’s backpack. Each student will need to have their own copies. Testing will be done with a saliva swab. On the Patient Consent Form, please mark RT-PCR COVID Swab Test and Oropharyngeal Swab (Mouth).


For 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students, remember to send your student with a “Permission to Sign Out” note if you would like them to be able to sign themselves out and also pick up siblings at dismissal.

School will dismiss at 12:30 p.m.

To pick-up students in the classroom, park in the neighborhood (not along Selby Avenue) and walk in through the front entrance. The front entry gate will open at 12:30 p.m.

Older students with a signed permission slip will be able to sign themselves out at 12:45 p.m.

They will pick up their siblings at the lunch tables.

After-School Care is available until 6:00 p.m. Billing for this service begins at 3:30 p.m.

Welcome Back 4th Grade!


Welcome back,

My name is Ashley Mackel and I have 2 daughters Morgan (4th) and Molly (1st) here at Saint Paul the Apostle school. My Co-Room Parent is Molly Moursi, she too has 2 daughters, Libby (8th) and Cleo (4th). We will be updating the 4th grade page regularly to keep you all in the loop as well as contacting you all through email which is sent out through a system called Constant Contact. Both Molly and I will always be available to answer as many questions as possible and collect your concerns to be then handed to the appropriate person. We are looking forward to a “Back to Normal” year with our resilient class of 2026.


Ashley Mackel & Molly Moursi

4th Grade Room Parents


Message from your Teachers

Dear 4th Grade Families,
Welcome back to school!! We are so excited to be your 4th grade homeroom teachers this 2021-2022 school year! We will be doing fun activities, reviewing class policies, and getting to know one another these first couple weeks of school! Looking forward to building our 4th grade community and the year ahead!
This will be Ms. Fisher’s fourth year teaching at St. Paul, and third year teaching the 4th grade. Ms. Fisher loves playing soccer and tennis, her dog Winnie, and just about any beach activity! Helping students develop their love of reading and writing is what she loves most about being a teacher!
This is Ms. Mizo’s third year at St. Paul. She loves teaching Math, Science, and Religion and is super excited to meet the new 4th grade class. She loves art and spends her free time drawing, visiting art museums, and attending live concerts and theatre.
Ms. Fisher & Ms. Mizo




On Tuesday you will receive a welcome email from SchoolPass, the app we used last year for wellness checks. This year we will not only use it for daily wellness checks, but also for classroom end-of-the-day sign-outs. 

As a change from last year, you will add parents, family, childcare providers, etc. to the app as Drivers. Since we will not be using the carline function this year, DO NOT enter or add your students to another family’s carpool.  

  • Each morning please complete the wellness check (this includes a temperature check) for each student. You don’t have to show it as you enter campus, but we will be monitoring it at the beginning of the school day. Everyone MUST complete it each day to help ensure that we stay on top of the health and well-being of the community.  
    • When you come on campus to pick up your student(s), you will need to go into the app, select pick-up and then sign them out.  
    • If your student is going to After-School Care, you don’t need to sign them out. The teachers will add them to the After-School Care roster each day.

After-School Care

After-School Care will be available this year. If you are interested in enrolling on a regular or drop-in basis, submit an After-School Care Enrollment Form to Mayora Hiney ( before the first day of school.  



Drop-Off and Pick-Up for the Week

Tuesday, August 24th

  • Drop off 7:15-8:00am
  • Pick up 12:30pm

Wednesday, August 25th

  • Drop off 7:15-8:00am
  • Pick up in classroom 2:45pm-3:05
  • Pick up on school yard 3:05-3:30pm

Thursday, August 26th

  • Drop off 7:15-8:00am
  • Pick up in classroom 2:45pm-3:05
  • Pick up on school yard 3:05-3:30pm

Friday, August 27th

  • Drop off 7:15-8:00am
  • Pick up 12:30pm



What you need for the first day of school


Fresh Lunches

We will be reinstating our school’s hot lunch program in October. Fresh Lunches is prepared to adhere to all of the required safety protocols:

  • The meals will be pre-packaged. One server will be assigned to our school location. 
  • The server will be vaccinated and wear a face mask at all times.
  • The students may come up to the server to receive their lunches, or the lunches can be sorted by classrooms and dropped off. 


Upcoming Calendar Events

Tuesday, August 24th: First Day of School

Tuesday, August 24th: @ 8:00 am Back to School Coffee (JCPC)

Monday, September 6th: Labor Day NO SCHOOL

Monday, September 13th @ 6:30pm Back to School Night (Start in Church)

Thursday, September 16: Picture Day

September 24-26th: ONE LOVE Festival

Monday, September 27th: NO SCHOOL



Volunteer Opportunities

Playground Duty Volunteer Requirements

(4th Grade/SEPTEMBER)

  • TB test must be on file with Nurse A
  • Must be Vaccinated against COVID 19, please send proof to Nurse Anderson (
  • Must wear a mask
  • Cell phone use is not allowed
  • Arrive at 11:20am to check in and be on the yard prior to the children
  • Be proactive, walk around the yard and see where the children may need assistance
  • It is fine to ask a coach/teacher on yard duty if specific assistance is needed
  • Do not stand/socialize with other parent volunteers-we need to have the entire yard supervised
  • Aim to stop any issue before it escalates
  • Any injuries should be directed to Nurse Anderson
  • Anything serious MUST be reported to coaches immediately. Coaches will then follow up with teachers
  • Virtus is up to date (if you do not know contact Mayora @ )


Traffic & Safety Duty Requirements

(4th Grade/January)

  • Must wear mask
  • Must be Vaccinated against COVID 19, please send proof to Nurse Anderson (
  • Cell phone use is not allowed
  • Keep hands free from coffee mugs, etc.
  • Stay focused on upcoming cars
  • Vehicles must come to a complete stop before opening doors
  • Children must exit the vehicle through the doors facing you
  • Help children gather their bags/belongings
  • Make sure children exit the vehicle safely before shutting door
  • Virtus up to date


For tech questions contact Enrique Lopez at


For all other questions please feel free to contact us.  Ashley Mackel ( and/or Molly Moursi (



We are your Kindergarten Room Moms and if there is anything we’ve missed below or you have additional questions at any point this year, please feel free to contact us directly at any time.

Lindsay Amos |
Lisa Gascou |
Jamie Grobecker |
Rebecca Traboulsi |


  • Recess is 9:10-9:30am
  • Lunch is 11:00-11:50am (on full days they have a morning snack/recess, lunch, and an afternoon snack break; on Fridays students will have a two snack breaks only)
  • KA has PE on Tuesdays and Fridays
  • KB has PE on Wednesdays and Fridays



Our amazing kinder teachers have shared a couple wish lists for classroom supplies. Please know that this is truly a “wish list” and no one is under any obligation to purchase anything. These lists will be updated as needed by the teachers throughout the year. If you are wanting to donate, please use the links below and supplies will be delivered directly to the classrooms.

KA wish list click here

KB wish list click here


Starting Monday, October 4th, FreshLunches will return to campus and serve pre-packaged hot lunches every Monday – Thursday (with the exception of every other Tuesday which are Jersey Mike’s days). Lunches are available in size small ($9.10 each) and large ($10.50 each) and include a main entree and two sides. The deadline to order is every Wednesday by midnight for the following week’s delivery. For more information on the program and signing up, please click here to review the flyer
FreshLunches is prepared to adhere to all of the required safety protocols:
  • Meals will be pre-packaged, with the exception of pizza slices which will be served with gloves.
  • One server will be assigned to our school location.
  • The server will be vaccinated and wear a face mask at all times


All sandwich meals are pre-ordered for the entire 2nd trimester. These are the Jersey Mike’s lunch dates (every other Tuesday)
Sandwiches are available in regular size ($6.45 each) or large ($8.30 each). The choices are ham, turkey, Italian and veggie and each sandwich comes with apple slices and a cookie.  Please click on the link below to pre-order sandwich meals for the 2nd trimester.
PLEASE NOTE: You must pre-order the same sandwich size and type for each date. Once you pre-order, there are NO REFUNDS or CHANGES for any reason, including illness, quarantine and school events (e.g., field trips). There are no scheduled field trips on these dates but this is subject to change. Please consider this strict policy before ordering.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Liz Lee (Hot Lunch Coordinator) at



If your child will be absent from school, please note the hot lunch policies for FreshLunches and Jersey Mike’s.
For FreshLunches, please try to cancel your child’s meal as soon as possible. If you cancel by 10:00am two days prior to delivery, you will receive 100% credit for the meal in your FreshLunches account. If you cancel by 8:00am on the morning of delivery, you will receive 50% credit. After these deadlines, you will not receive any credit for your child’s meal.
For Jersey Mike’s, there are no cancellations or refunds for any reason.
For BOTH FreshLunches and Jersey Mike’s, if you cannot cancel your child’s meal and you would like to pick it up from school, please contact Mitchell Lord in the front office by 11:00am to ask for the meal to be set aside. Otherwise, all meals for absent students will be given to teachers, coaches and students who forgot to bring lunch that day.
If you have any questions, please contact Liz Lee at


DROP OFF: Morning drop-off procedures will begin at 7:15 a.m.  There are two options for drop off (see below) Upon arrival to campus, students will proceed to the playground where they will be supervised by school staff. All students are expected to be on the playground by 7:50 a.m. At 7:55 a.m., the bell will ring for students to proceed to their homeroom classrooms. You will still need to complete your child’s wellness check on the SchoolPass app prior to drop-off.

OPTION 1: Drop students at one of the two curbside locations: one on Selby Avenue in front of the school, and one on Ohio Avenue, just east of our church entrance on the south side of the street. Parent volunteers will be stationed at these locations to help students out of the car. Students will then walk directly into the front entrance on Selby Avenue, or through the gate on the east side of the church. Students MUST exit on the passenger side of the car.

OPTION 2: Parents of students from all grades may choose to park in the neighborhood and walk students into the front entrance on Selby Avenue, or through the gate on the east side of the church.

ONCE AT SCHOOL: Kinder students are encouraged to go to their respective yards outside homeroom classrooms.  Teachers and/or assistant teachers will be there to supervise.  Kinder students are also allowed to go to the big yard if they feel comfortable doing that.

PICK UP: Pick-up procedures will remain the same. Pickup is at 2:45pm Monday through Thursday and 12:30pm every Friday. There will be no traffic circle. You will need to park your car and enter the school for pick-up. On normal release days, at 3:05pm, teachers will release students to a supervised area at the lunch tables in the yard where they may be picked up. At 3:30pm, all students still on campus will be signed into After-School Care and charges will apply.

AFTERCARE: If you anticipate using After-School Care, please complete the registration form and return it to Mayora Hiney at More information about After-School Care can be found here.


Please complete the required Covid testing paperwork EACH week and turn in to homeroom teachers. Testing will be done with a saliva swab. On the Patient Consent Form, please mark RT-PCR COVID Swab Test and Oropharyngeal Swab (Mouth).

Patient Consent

For more information or if you prefer to do weekly testing on your own, contact Nurse A at


Parents/caregivers need to either submit proof of vaccination or provide proof of a NEGATIVE Covid test result within 72 hours prior to each volunteering opportunity they plan to fulfill at the school (e.g., traffic duty, playground, hot lunch, etc.) All vaccination cards, or an email regarding your plan to test, must be on file with Nurse A.

For playground and hot lunch volunteers, your Virtus certificate and fingerprinting results must also be on file with Mayora Hiney and negative TB test must be on file with Nurse A before your volunteer duty.

Mayor Hiney at


Be sure to send your child in the school approved uniform every day!   Uniforms may be purchased on the Land’s End website.  The St Paul The Apostle School Preferred School Number for Land’s End is: 900190414

Remember, before Festival, you may also wear festival gear (in any color) to school ALL DAY, EVERY DAY until the fall festival!  After the festival weekend, you may wear festival gear on Fridays only, with the exception of the TWO shirts (pictured here) that are uniform approved to wear any day of the week, for the rest of the school year. Students may also wear any festival sweatshirts on any day throughout the year.



Welcome Back to School 2nd Grade!

Welcome Back 3rd Grade Families!

Welcome Back 4th Grade-Class of 2026