Join The Cub Scouts at St. Paul – 1st thru 5th Grades


With so many of our children’s regular sports and activities suspended in the current environment, are you looking for an opportunity for your son or daughter to see and learn fun, new things that might not be found anywhere else? Well then Cub Scouts is your answer! Cub Scouts are at that magical age where everything is new and possible and, most importantly, fun. They build things. Play with purpose. Make friends and work together. The life lessons learned here not only transform today’s Cub Scouts into tomorrow’s Scouts BSA members but also help form a foundation to embrace opportunity and overcome obstacles in life.

SPA’s Cub Scout Pack 55 is open to both boys and girls grades 1st through 5th, and they may join at any grade (there is no “catching up”). Scout activities occur once or twice a month and while our program has been modified this year due to the coronavirus, we look forward to a fun-filled Cub Scout program!

If you would like to learn more about Cub Scouts and SPA Pack 55, please email Cubmaster and SPA parent Marc Caruso at

This is a  non-sponsored  school event

Check Out Our Amazing 1st Graders!


1st Grade Roster


8th Grade Yearbook Ad – Deadline November 6

Dear 8th Grade Families,

We can’t believe it is already time to start talking about the 8th grade yearbooks! We are excited to let you know that you can start creating your child’s “ads” that you find in the back of the yearbook. Please see the attached  “8th Grade Yearbook Information”  flyer for details on pricing for ads and how to submit photos for our 8th grade collage.

The purchase and creation of optional YEARBOOK ADS FOR 8TH GRADE is done through the Herff Jones website (our yearbook publisher) where you can set up your account, choose an ad size, pay for the ad, and create the ad using a template. The HJ  website link and  instructions  are attached. Please note that our school code is 7964.

The deadline to create these ads is  NOVEMBER 6, 2020.  It is recommended that you do not wait until the last day to create your yearbook ad. Please review ads closely for any mistakes or errors before submission.

Thank you!

Paige Greenspan, Eva Caras, Lisa Gascou & Melinda Tamkin

8th Grade Room Parents


School Mass Schedule

We are excited to announce the school mass schedule for the 2020-2021 school year! While we are off campus, if your grade is leading the mass, the applicable grade families will receive a sign-up to attend the mass in-person in the courtyard.

  • Monday, January 25th @8:15 am: Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle, led by 4th Grade
  • Tuesday, February 2nd @8:15am: Feast of St. Blaise, led by 3rd Grade (DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED FROM FEBRUARY 3RD)
  • Wednesday, February 17th @8:15 am: Ash Wednesday, led by 8th grade
  • Thursday, April 1st @11:30am: Holy Thursday Prayer Service, led by 2nd grade
  • Friday, May 7th @8:15 am: May Crowning, led by 1st Grade